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Plant Crush: ‘Marmalade’ Coneflower

Several times each week I take a stroll through our Test Garden. Not only do I stay in touch with the hottest, new plants and how they’re flourishing (or not) but it’s also a great, relaxing retreat for me. I’m one of the brave few that enjoy Iowa’s hot and humid summers. Many days I’ve thought of skipping the computer, putting my gardening shoes on only to help Test Garden manager Sandra for at least an hour or two….probably three.

But alas….I’d never get Garden Notes out the virtual door! (ahem…..are you receiving our weekly dose of garden goodness?)

This week I’m completely…totally…infatuated with the ‘Marmalade’ coneflower. While most online resources show a vibrant orange hue to this flower, the environment in the Test Garden lends to a beautiful mix of fuchsia, coral and orange. It’s simply gorgeous.

Here was the bloom a week ago…..

And then today…

The finishing hues of this coneflower is what really appeals to me. That, and its double-bloom feature. What do you think? Ready to get the shovel out and plant some? Lucky for you, White Flower Farm has them in stock!

5 Responses to “ Plant Crush: ‘Marmalade’ Coneflower ”

  1. Would you say that the blooms more or less fade after a week or so? Typically coneflowers hold their colors far longer but the photos shown don’t indicate that. I LOVE the vibrant colors in the first shot but I’m thinking the second photo looks lackluster!!

  2. I agree that the colors have faded, but after a week, mine do too. I really think it is a beautiful variety of coneflower. I’d like to get one for my garden.

  3. Great question Htobrien. I believe the vibrant color lasts much longer than a week. I didn’t catch the flower when it first opened. I suspect it held it’s color for a long time — as typical coneflowers do. I was just impressed with the hues that showed as the flower faded. Hope that helps some.

    Katie Ketelsen
    >>> Online Garden Editor for Better Homes and Gardens

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