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3 Quick Tips To Bring Your Eye Vertical In The Garden

Shove and Rake Trellis

When walking through most suburban gardens I notice an alarming pattern; flatness. My eye is forced to stay firmly on the ground with no upward interest for the vertical. It feels like my eyeballs are in a straitjacket. No movement allowed and whatever you do, do not look up! Vertical gardening and upward placement of garden accessories allows your eye that rest and movement it needs while building more appealing interest for the garden visitor. Better yet, it enables you to save planting space and is suitable to an urban environment.

Want to learn how to build some upward interest? Below are three quick tips that will help inspire you to move-it-on-up in the garden.

Shawna Coronado's Vertical Side Garden

3 Quick Tips

Trellis Creativity – Trellis’s and vines are the easiest ways to grow your way up an unattractive wall. Have a tight budget? No problem. Try something beautifully unique like painting your old shovels and rakes and drilling them on to a fence (photo above). Plant beans, morning glories, or clematis and you have a gorgeous vertical solution.

Balcony Love – Do you have a balcony on your house? Why not attach the ground with the balcony by building upward interest? Below you see containers sitting on top of the balcony, small containers drilled into the bottom edge of the balcony, and several types of clematis climbing up the wall. Your eye is instantly lifted to new heights.

Hang It From A Tree – Trees are an active part of our garden and hanging a mass of matching garden accessories from one tree creates a focal point in the garden. In the bottom photo you see the creative idea one gardener came up with – hanging a birdhouse collection all in the same tree. Most people walking by this urban display are captivated for long minutes and stop to enjoy the uppity view.

Vertical Whimsy In The Garden Birdhouse Tree

Want to take the vertical garden idea even farther? Vertical Vegetable Gardening by Chris McLaughlinTry thinking outside the box and grow a vertical vegetable garden to help feed your family or community. A great book to reference is Vertical Vegetable Gardening by Chris McLaughlin. It teaches you how to discover the benefits of growing your fruit and vegetables up instead of out in order to save space.

Think creatively and build your own garden focused on different views and vertical opportunities which saves planting space and adds interest and whimsy to your garden plan.

According the FTC, I need to let you know that I received the book in this story at no cost in exchange for reviewing it.

17 Responses to “ 3 Quick Tips To Bring Your Eye Vertical In The Garden ”

  1. Great ideas here! And I love the painted shovels.

  2. Thanks! The painted shovels are in my side garden in mostly shade and beans grow beautifully there!

  3. Shawna,

    I love the reminder to go vertical and will head out to my own backyard garden for critical look. We have a broad expanse of white garage wall with great sun…there may be something creative to be done with that space.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Love the shovels as an example.


  4. I LOVE these ideas!! Especially the colorful tools on the fence!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. I love the shovels on the fence. Not only does it draw your attention, it gives you a way to re-purpose older tools that you no longer use!
    Bird feeders are a must for me! I love watching them flock around the feeders to eat. Another plus is there are so many unique feeders to choose from.
    Great article!!!!!

  6. I, too, love the painted shovels/tools. I think I will try this on a small section of side fence!

  7. Shawna coronado has such great idea’s ! I often think about tip but she is the master planer and shares with all of us. Thanks again shawna for a another great gardening tip.

  8. Beautiful ideas, Shawna! Thanks for reminding us to add decor vertically. I love all of the birdhouses and the painted shovels on the fence. I always enjoy your ideas on your website! Keep it coming.

  9. Thanks for the great note Allen. I can’t wait to see what you do – please send me pics!


  10. Woot! So appreciate you leaving a comment. :-)


  11. Recycling and reusing are always a great contribution to the environment. I like the idea of feeders raised to eye level. Good idea!


  12. YAY! Glad to see you like my ideas. :-)


  13. Thank you Joe. :-)


  14. I will. Thanks for your comment!


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