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Garden Obsession: Colorful Birdhouses & Birdfeeders

When I first ventured into my backyard garden with a shovel and  a bag of dirt, garden accents weren’t really on my To Do list. I could barely wrap my head around the placement of my hostas! Now that my garden is a little more established, I’m taking the time to add accents and non-plant-life interest around my winding pebble path. A couple of birdhouses, a bright green birdfeeder, a blue birdbath and a hopefully (soon!) a DIY obelisk. Here are some ideas for colorful and interesting birdfeeders and birdhouses you can add to your garden!


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4 Responses to “ Garden Obsession: Colorful Birdhouses & Birdfeeders ”

  1. The presence of birds and butterflies brings beauty to any garden. Birds visit the gardens almost everyday but if bird bath locations and bird houses are made available in all the right places then beautiful birds of all types are lured and make them stay longer. Thanks for posting such a nice blog.

  2. One time while on vacation in the Smokey Mountains we visited a place called Parrot Mountain and they had the most exotic and beautiful birds I have ever seen. One thing I noticed most was the extravagent landscaping with wildflowers. This touch of nature created and beautiful atmosphere for the wildlife and the visitors.

  3. Do you have any DIY videos on Youtube? I could make one of these easier if I saw it demonstrated. Thanks

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