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Idyllic scenes

One of the things that brings on bouts of romanticism in gardeners is the wisteria-draped pergola. This is mine. It took a number of years to get this plant trained up and over. But here it is this year, with mature (that is, big) bloom. And it is breathtaking, worth the wait. Northern gardeners are often frustrated because of the tenderness of wisteria buds in winter, often leaving them with all plant, no bloom in spring. The tag says it’s hardy, but the blooms don’t come, which after all is the reason why you planted it. I’m in Zone 5, and this is a picture of Blue Moon, one of the hardiest and best. Lavender Falls is another good one. It is a reblooming wisteria, which means even if you get some winter damage, you’re likely to get some bloom later in the season.

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