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In-Season Plants: Confederate Jasmine

One of my favorite sweet-smelling vines is in bloom in my Atlanta, GA garden right now:  Confederate Jasmine. I started it a couple of years ago over a corner of the fence where I wanted to cover the fence wire and it quickly filled out over a 5 ft x 5 ft area. Confederate Jasmine is a great climbing option for a full sun spot and mine happens to get a few hours of afternoon shade. With the potential to grow up to 20 ft wide, I’m hoping mine will cover a whole side of the fence!

You can see behind the fence here how quickly my garden gets shady – it is dark back there! I’m happy to have a few areas like this one where I can enjoy the flowers and smells that come with full sun!

Confederate Jasmine will tolerate almost any soil type, judging by the soil here. It wasn’t great soil to begin with, despite my soil-amending attempts, but I also planted the roots right next to the concrete footing for the fence post. Rookie gardener alert! Lucky for me, this confederate jasmine forgave its inexperienced gardener-mom and produced a great show of fragrant blooms from the start!

Novice gardeners, if you’re in need of a sunny climber, treat yourself to a Confederate Jasmine. You won’t regret it.

Photos by Whitney of The Curtis Casa

One Response to “ In-Season Plants: Confederate Jasmine ”

  1. I’m a novice gardener, so I appreciate the tip about the confederate jasmine! Most of the time gardening projects overwhelm me, but the way you walk us through them make them seem possible after all. Thank you!

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