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Two Easy Care Annuals That Make A Seasonal Color Splash

Wall of Coleus

Every year I am faced with the oh-so-dramatic container flower decisions. I like to call it the Annual Container Plant Choice Invitational. Much like I did as a teenager while trying to get up enough courage to jump off the high-dive; I will stand for hours at my local garden center with a look ofLantana and Beets in Garden terror on my face as I try to decide which plant is the perfect one to combine with the others. Inevitably it’s an impossible decision: What child are you going to plant? Who’s going to walk the plank? Which plant is going to be the best mixer at the container party?

In the end, my choices always come down to two determining questions:

1. Which plant is the easiest to care for?

2. What color combinations am I going with this year?

When I think of easy annuals to grow there are two spectacularly colorful plants that make my top-of-the-top favorite plant list: coleus and lantana. Each make an amazing splash in the Annual Container Plant Choice Invitational in either the sun or shade category. These plants are fantastic mixers and can function as a either a feature plant or a blender plant in an urban container, planting bed, or vertical wall garden. Both types of plants have multiple varieties and plenty of color selections for the casual gardener at your local garden center.

To the right you see Luscious Berry Blend Lantana rocking the socks off my full sun vegetable garden as a border plant. Lantana is a great sunny spot solution and is perfect for attracting butterflies. Below is a photo of the lantana layered in a gorgeous pink and green container display with multiple annuals.

 Lantana in Plant Container Design

Have a shady spot? There is nothing better than a coleus to brighten up a dark corner. At the top of this page is a magnificent vertical wall garden done up with Emotions Inspired Coleus and impatiens. Lantana mixes well with leafy vegetables in a mixed vegetable container as well as annual flowers. Below is an equally bold display of mixed variety coleus, impatiens, and sweet potato vine at a restaurant on an urban street.

Need a simple solution for your containers that will add a punch of color? Lantana and coleus are two great, easy-to-grow plants that mix well with most annuals in your container party.

Coleus and Impatiens in Shade

11 Responses to “ Two Easy Care Annuals That Make A Seasonal Color Splash ”

  1. Great looks, Shawna! Really can’t picture you trembling but I know that taking the plunge is often challenging! Nice blog!

  2. Have never seen the Lantana. It has great colors and seems almost care free to grow. I’ll give it a try. :-)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE lantana. It’s such a heat-loving, carefree rockstar! Great post Shawna

  4. are there sun-loving coleus, Shawna?

  5. Thanks! Love both plants – fantastic addition to any container garden!

  6. Lantana comes in many varieties and is downright gorgeous. Thanks for your post!

  7. Rockstar for sure! Thanks Katie!

  8. There ARE sun-loving coleus. I would look up in your regional independent garden centers what sun lover will be best for you. :-)



  9. Beutifle photos! I like the information :)

  10. The Coleus is is always fabulous.

  11. How can i get coleus in my home?

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