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Everyday Gardener: Whitney of The Curtis Casa

Hello BHG readers! It’s nice to meet you. I’m Whitney, of the home and garden blog The Curtis Casa, and I am thrilled to be a part of the Everyday Gardeners blog. I’ll be here once a week sharing my gardening inspiration as well as a few tips and tricks I’ve learned in my garden.

When we bought our Atlanta, GA home with its shady backyard almost four years ago, I was surprised to find my favorite home-owning hobby involved playing in the dirt, studying leaf shapes and wondering about the pH of our soil. I really shouldn’t have been so surprised, I grew up with more than a few talented gardeners in my life. Three ladies in particular left indelible marks on my green thumb, Estelle, Beverly and my Mom.

Estelle, we called her “E”, was a sweet elderly lady and frequent babysitter who lived down the street from us when I was a young girl. I toddled through her perfect rows of roses and posed for Easter pictures in front of her monochromatic azaleas. Spending time in E’s garden is etched into my memory. And then there’s Beverly, who was our nanny when my sister came along, and I’ve heard countless stories about the garden adventures she and my Mom got into – installing trellises, cutting holes in sheetrock, digging up plants off the side of the road. Beverly always offers sound advice (I often type out emails from my garden bench) and even sends plants by request from her own garden. The Virginia Bluebells I just planted came straight from Tennessee! And, of course, there’s my Mom. I remember pulling weeds with her in the garden as a little one, for 25 cents a bag. Now, in my garden, Mom and I walk around discussing plants, paths and garden accents. I’m always impressed how she can pull a plant name out of her memory. She’s helping me create our shady garden, and unbeknownst to me until recently, she’s encouraged an enthusiastic gardener, as well. And that story she always tells about caring too well for her beautiful Mexican sage plant, right before it died? Her advice is consistent: “You just have to ignore it for it to grow right.”

I’m using what these ladies taught me daily and I’ve come to realize, gardening is one of those hobbies best spent in the company of others. Especially others whose green thumbs and gardens you admire. Now let’s go get our hands dirty!

8 Responses to “ Everyday Gardener: Whitney of The Curtis Casa ”

  1. Whitney- I can’t wait to read more about what is growing in your yard and what beautiful things you are creating.

  2. Whitney, I am excited to see that you are blogging for BHG. I love your Curtis Casa blog and will look forward to even more inspiring ideas from you!

  3. What a sweet back story – can’t wait to read more from you!

  4. Whitney, So excited to see you on BHG! Congrats on this newest adventure and I look forward to reading more from you!

  5. Whitney, I am “E”‘s daughter !! What a sweet tribute to my incredibly kind and loving mother !! This is especially wonderful coming at Mother’s Day !! What a fabulous way for you to honor her for what she cared about so very much – roses, flowers, and most of all – giving !! Best wishes to you !! Kathy

  6. Hi Whitney… we’ve been home from the SC coast less than an hour and thought I’d better see what you’ve been up to since I last checked your blog. This tribute is a delightful surprise and sweet memories abound as I think back to those early mornings on backroads with your mom as we collected our treasures for the ditch-flower bouquets. By the way, as we left today, the doorman at our hotel cheerfully agreed to turn his head while I “pruned” the unusual ivy specimen in the entry planter. I can’t wait to see your next post! … Beverly

  7. Whitney, Love your gardening tips! I was also hoping to get some ideas on what type of garden furniture you might recommend? My wife Eva and I enjoy spending time outside in our garden and are looking for some comfortable chairs that will blend in well with the flora and fauna. Cheers to you and your blog… keep on posting and we’ll keep reading… Thx, Mark

  8. Hey Whitney!! What a great blog and an adorable Birch!! I just love reading your blog and your fresh approach to gardening!! I’m pleasantly reminded of the “oh so fabulous” garden your mother established in her first home! I remember thinking, “How did she do all that and who taught her?” She was responsible for my invitation to a garden club in Hickory where I learned so much! As the proud daughter of a Master Gardener, I’m still hoping for that latent gene to develop. Happy planting and blogging…looking for some great ideas from you this summer!!! Christy

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