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In the Test Garden: Pleading for Mother Nature to Comply

Tomorrow the Better Homes and Garden Test Garden officially opens for the season (yay!) But if you live in the Des Moines area, you know a romp in the garden doesn’t really sound appealing.

We (grumpily) woke to snow on the ground, pelting our windows and piercing our faces. Mother Nature has a cruel way of welcoming spring this year, but frankly, she’s always kept Iowa’s gardeners anxious about planting anything until mid-May.

Today feels like a bad dream. The Test Garden was so beautiful just this Tuesday…..

Complementary spring-bloomers redbud and forsythia reached out from the garden fence, beckoning me to enter the Test Garden.

As did the relaxing ambiance projected from the raised deck surrounded by blooming grape hyacinths and tulips.

The water fountain took its first breath this week, overflowing with soothing sensations, perfect for a late lunch…..

…or a meeting of the minds. (Pictured: Andrea, Test Garden Assistant; Sandra, Test Garden Manager; Eric, Deputy Garden Editor)

An Autumn Brilliance serviceberry boasted its stunning white blooms….

…while the ferns uncoiled, reaching for the warm sun.


I miss that warm sun.

Late spring snowstorms sure have a way of making an Iowa gardener more humble.

How the weather in your garden today?


Come visit the Test Garden every Friday from 12-2pm!


3 Responses to “ In the Test Garden: Pleading for Mother Nature to Comply ”

  1. What is my zone for plants

  2. Doris: It depends on your region. Here is a link to a map from our website:

    Hope this helps! Thanks,
    Katie Ketelsen

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