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Dress Your Yard for Spring

Looking for an easy project to give your front yard a fresh look this spring? Plant your parking strip! Taking advantage of that narrow stretch of yard between the street and your sidewalk is one of my favorite landscaping ideas. (Note: In many municipalities you need to get permission from the city first, as well as check on any restrictions they may have on plant height and planting distance from signs or obstacles such as fire hydrants.)

Here in Iowa, the grass in that part of the yard is one of the first to go brown when hot summer weather hits. It can also be a pain to mow. Filling your parking strip with heat- and drought-tolerant annual or perennial flowers keeps it a cinch to maintain and adds a welcoming note to your landscape.

When I suggest planting  your parking strip at local garden club talks and other speaking engagements, there’s usually someone in the crowd who points out planting the parking strip makes it hard for visitors to get to your yard. That’s certainly true, so if you have a lot of visitors, consider dropping a couple of  steppingstone paths to connect the street and sidewalk. Paths look charming create an even more welcoming look to guests.

Have you planted your parking strip? If so, I’d love to see pictures! Post them on our official Better Homes and Gardens Facebook page! 

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