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Raised-Bed Gardening

Do you garden in raised beds? There are lots of great reasons to have a raised-bed garden, not the least of which is they look good in the landscape. One of my favorite benefits is that raised beds allow you to control the soil since you have to fill them. If you’re stuck with challenging clay, for example, no worries: Just add high-quality top soil to your beds and you won’t have to worry about sticky clay ruining your day.

Happily, because they’re so beneficial to gardeners, raised beds are growing in popularity. I hear that from you, my readers. But I’m also hearing it from the industry. For example, the folks at Yahoo! sent me some surprising stats about how more and more people are searching raised-bed gardening on the internet.

Check out our stories here on BHG.com for more info. We have everything you need, including step-by-step instructions to building your own raised bed.

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