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Can Mowing the Lawn Make You Happier?

I don’t like to mow the grass in my yard. I know it’s good exercise and a chance to enjoy sunshine and fresh air, but I’d rather spend time weeding and watering than pushing a lawn mower. It turns out I might be missing out on an opportunity to get happier. I read a news release from the University of Queensland’s school of biomedical science that indicates a handful of chemicals released by cutting grass can reduce stress, make us feel happier, and improve our memories.

Plus there’s the long-standing research that people feel good after a workout from the release of endorphins, so if you use  a push mower to get in a little extra exercise, it’s all the better.

It makes sense, especially when you think about how many people list freshly mowed grass as one of their favorite scents. And it’s nice to have another positive quality to add to the list of reasons why we should garden. It’s all-around good for our physical and mental health!

What do you think? Does mowing the lawn really make you happier?

One Response to “ Can Mowing the Lawn Make You Happier? ”

  1. absolutely makes me feel so good !!!!!

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