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Happy New Hibiscus

I love perennial hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos hybrids). I know some gardeners think they’re garish and too flashy, but the tropical feel they endow to the garden be so much fun. And they’re so easy to grow! Few perennials tolerate the range of conditions — from hot and dry to wet soil — that perennial hibiscus do.

And it’s really exciting that plant breeders are continuing to work on them, giving gardeners more choices than ever to add to the landscape. One variety I’m particularly excited about is Hibiscus ‘Hypnotic’. This stunner offers 11-inch-wide pale pink flowers with deeper stripes that radiate from a glowing red throat. It’s accented by finely cut purple-tinted foliage that looks great all summer and autumn.

Another exciting aspect to the plant is that it grows only 42 inches tall — so it’s easier than ever to tuck into the garden. Pair it with pink coneflowers, coreopsis (such as ‘Cosmic Evolution’), and Rozanne perennial geranium for a combo that flowers all summer long, no matter what the weather’s like.

Look for ‘Hypnotic’ hibiscus at your local garden center this spring!

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