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Treat Yourself This Holiday Season — Let the Pros Do the Decor

I happened across this festive infographic from the folks at Neave Decor and thought it was absolutely genius. Number one is me in a nutshell. But seriously….sometimes decorating for the holidays just doesn’t sound all that appealing. Especially when Iowa’s winter is knocking at the door. (Too bad these folks aren’t in my neck of the woods!) And frankly, neither I or my husband (whom I fear will definitely fall off the roof someday, much like number ten alludes to)  have the skills to pull of  holiday lighting like this….

By the way….I’d live in this in a heartbeat! Isn’t this house gorgeous!?! Here’s a quick link to see more holiday lighting ideas from Neave.

Some awesome companies will even decorate the INSIDE of your house too! Double bonus!

Now…if you’re questioning why you should even think about hiring a professional to do all that tough, tedious, light-busting grunt work – read this – overwhelming reasons why you should consult the pros. Plus, I’d add, it might just allow you to spend more time with your family and keep the old man’s back in tact.

If you’ve got a professional holiday decorating company in your area you’d like to recommend give them a shout-out in the comments below! Share the holiday goodness people!

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