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Fall Garden Checklist

 Here in Iowa we had a terribly hot, dry summer. Autumn wasn’t much better; it was still very dry. If your area is like ours, one of the most important things you can do for your fall garden is to water your plants in well, especially those evergreens. Keeping evergreens well-hydrated going into winter is one of the best things you can do to prevent them from browning.

Another perfect thing to do is wrap the trunk of young trees in tree wrap. This protects them from critters — such as rabbits — that may gnaw the tender bark.

Now is the perfect time to combat clay soil, too. In my last garden, which had the worst clay soil I’ve ever seen, I would cover my garden beds in an inch of compost every spring and every autumn. I started to see improvement after just a couple of years. If your lawn is struggling, you can do the same thing to your turf. Compost has the same beneficial effects on the soil, meaning your grass will grow thicker, hold its own better against weeds, and stay greener longer during periods of drought.

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