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5 Must-Have Bulbs for Spring-Blooming Glory

I have to confess something.


I’ve never been much of a fan of bulbs.


The thought of digging tiny little holes for several little blobs of bulbs sounded so tedious I couldn’t even bring myself to lift the dainty little trowel.


Until last year when someone graciously gave me some free bulbs (perspective changes completely when something is free –right?) And then I made my husband plant them (I was pregnant and coming up with every excuse to get out of bending over).


And although this last winter was nothing to complain about in regards to excess snow, when those tiny daffodils and  bright pink tulips popped this spring it was nothing short of a godsent. Spring had arrived. It was a new awakening. A new year to try new plants in the garden. The smell of good Iowa dirt magically finds its way to your nose. All of a sudden you find yourself rejuvenated just from a handful of tiny little flowers.


Another confession: I’m planting more bulbs this year.
Unless of course I can talk the hubs into planting them for me again.


Here are a few bulbs I’ve got my eye on but would take any suggestions you might have!

Grape Hyacinth
It’s so dainty! It will look perfect along the front edge of my flower beds. I just need to pick a variety.


Siberian Squill
How fun would these flowers look peppered throughout my lawn? Have you ever planted bulbs in your lawn?


While allium tends to bloom later in spring, it’s always been a favorite of mine.


Black Parrot Tulip
I’ve never have a plant with black blooms and a bulb might just be the way to test that color, since it won’t be blooming all season long. If I don’t like it, I might transplant them to my neighbor’s garden — on the other side of their house.


Zurel Tulip
With so many types and varieties of tulips, you almost have to have more than one in your garden. Plus, two-toned flowers are extra pretty.

So…am I missing any of your favorites?

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