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It’s National Indoor Plant Week!

Did you know that it’s National Indoor Plant Week? We love any opportunity to celebrate gardening! There are lots of reasons to grow plants indoors, especially in your home or office.

University studies have shown that we’re more productive and less stressed when there are plants around. That little plant on your desk is a connection to nature, especially if you can’t easily see a window to look outdoors.

In addition to making us feel better psychologically, plants help us physically. Plants indoors do a marvelous job of filtering out pollutants, especially from super-energy-efficient buildings where air is circulated all day and there’s not much fresh air coming in from outside.

Do you have plants? If not, now’s a GREAT time to add some to your life. Not sure which are best? Take our fun quiz at http://www.bhg.com/gardening/houseplants/houseplant-finder/.

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