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Taking It All In

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to take a trip to OFA Short Course in Columbus, Ohio. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had all summer! What makes the Short Course different than most events is that it combines all layers of the horticultural industry — you see folks who build commercial greenhouses, who sell high-tech machinery to big growers, plant breeders, plant growers, distributors, and the like.

It feels tailored to plant growers and retailers. In fact, there were lots of cool displays (the one shown here was in the lobby of the convention center) to help give garden center owners ideas on how to set up their shop. And my favorite, there were displays of hot new plant varieties (look for them to be profiled here on BHG.com in the upcoming months!).

It’s a big show, and many fantastic companies where there, including:

Watch for us to write about new plants, products, and trends inspired by the show here on BHG.com!

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