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Everyone Should Plant Angelonia

AngeloniaAs a horticulturist, I often find myself recommending plants to people. I feel bad when I get asked for the impossible plants; something like an evergreen that flowers all year long, is hardy in Zone 3, loves deep shade, and deer won’t eat it.

There is one incredible flower that I frequently recommend, though, because it does cover so many bases. I absolutely LOVE it! The plant is called angelonia, and despite how wonderful it is, not a lot of gardeners have heard of it.

What does angelonia have going for it?

  • It blooms nonstop all summer long.
  • It comes in blues and purples (my favorites), as well as pinks and whites.
  • It holds up well in hot spots.
  • It handles drought like a champ.
  • It can grow in wet soil. I hear (never tried it myself, though), that you can even put it in a water garden.
  • It attracts butterflies.
  • Some varieties are fragrant.
  • Deer and rabbits usually leave it alone.

Because it’s so versatile and wonderful to work with, plant breeders have come out with a number of series. Upright versions like the Angelmist or Carita series can get 2 (or more) feet tall. Spreading varieties, such as Serena and Carita Cascade, are perfect picks for hanging baskets. And new-for-2012 Archangel has exceptionally large blooms that really stand out in containers or the landscape.

There’s a spot for angelonia in virtually every sunny garden. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

6 Responses to “ Everyone Should Plant Angelonia ”

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  2. My angelonia are not blooming this summer – it has been very wet in GA but sounds like they should still perform, any suggestions?


  3. Hello Julie!
    Usually angelonia is soooo easy to grow. I’m stumped to why yours isn’t blooming. Is it in full sun? IT very well could be that it’s been too wet for you.

    Katie A. Ketelsen
    >>> Online Garden Editor for Better Homes and Gardens

  4. my angelonia is also not blooming well this summer. It did so well last summer I planted it in several additional spots this year but in every one is just looks weedy and barely blooming. I’m in Louisiana and we were very wet back in June but the last few weeks have been sunny and dry. I applied the same organic slow release fertilizer (the one for flowering plants) as last year when I planted them and still no luck

  5. I need something in a pot I can put out, graveside for 3-6 days on special day thoughout the year..Everytime I put anything out it’s gone within an hour after I leave, the deer eat everything..Fake flowers are only allowed at Christmas..This would be in the Balto MD area,I don’t know what section that is…..Will it hold up and then be taken home cut back and taken care of till next time graveside…Thank you, Nancy

  6. I planted Angelonia for the first time this year, and I have to say I am very pleased with them. They all survived and have bloomed beautifully all summer long. Wish they were perennials instead of annuals, but I will definitely plant them again next spring. A hardy plant that blooms spring through fall. Happy to have found them at my local Lowes store. Enjoyng my purple Angelonias in New Jersey.