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Make an Impact

There are a ton of cool new plant varieties on the market this year and one of the most striking is Verbena Lanai Twister Pink. I think it’s cool because of the fun color combo — it’s unlike any verbena I’ve ever seen before and it kind of feels like you’re getting two plants for one because of the bright pink and white.

I also like it because I think it’s easy to mix:

  • The pink/white combo works really well with rich blues and purples (Lanai Twister Pink is fabulous with the spikes of Angelonia).
  • Go high-impact by mixing it with some rich burgundy foliage (such as sweet potato vine).
  • Or if you want to go really contemporary, pair it with a bold orange such as dwarf zinnias, French marigolds, or spiky celosia.
  • Play off the rounded heads and get a soft, romantic look by integrating it with pink geraniums and Euphorbia Diamond Frost or Euphoric White. Or add a touch of pink with Euphorbia Breathless Blush.

Thinking of all these combos makes me want to go out and pot up a bunch of new containers!

What do you think this plant would look the best paired up with? Comment below!

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