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Getting Out and Doing Good

I love being a garden editor, but sometimes sitting at my desk day after day gets a little old. I am a gardener, after all, and my nature is to have my hands in the soil. Yesterday I had the fun opportunity to get out of the office—and do a little good at the same time.

Meredith Corporation (the company the Better Homes and Gardens brand is under) is a big supporter of a nonprofit organization called Rebuilding Together. Working with the New York  City Rebuilding Together office, about 70 Meredith volunteers teamed up to help renovate a nonprofit organization’s offices.

My part of the project was getting to help rework the deck. Starting with a blank slate (see the photo to the right), we transformed it into a comfy outdoor living space with new tables and chairs (plus umbrellas). My favorite part was the addition of two 20-foot-long, 2-foot wide raised garden beds we filled with potting soil and planted with herbs and vegetables (graciously donated by Bonnie Plants; thanks Bonnie Plants!! Thanks, too, to our friends at Loki’s Garden for their expert guidance in constructing the planters).

It took our team a full day about 7 hours to complete the transformation and it was fun the entire time. There was a lot of laughter and smiles as my colleagues spent the day outside in perfect weather constructing and planting.

I have to confess being a little tired and sore this morning, but that’s a small price for being able to get out  contribute to such a fantastic effort! 

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