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in search of a reblooming peony

I have a request of plant breeders: Please give us a reblooming peony! It would be guaranteed to sell. Just look at what’s happened in the past few years with Bloomerang reblooming lilac and hydrangeas that flower on new wood as well as old. Both of these traditional favorites with a new twist have taken off in popularity.

Reports of occasional late summer or fall blooms on yellow tree peonies such as ‘High Noon’ and ‘Kinto’ exist. But at best the return bloom is sparse and sporadic. I want truly reliable late-season flowers.

In the mean time, I’ll have to be satisfied with the glorious springtime display of colorful blooms that peonies provide. I manage to extend the season a bit by including early-blooming fernleaf peony, mid-season herbaceous peonies, and late-season Itoh hybrids in my yard. Which is your favorite variety of peony?

'Paula Fay' peony is blooming now in my garden. As the bud opens it changes in color from intense pink to salmon pink.


The yellow blossoms of 'Bartzella' Itoh hybrid develop on plants that are a cross between tree type and herbaceous peonies.

'Sarah Bernhardt' is a late-season herbaceous type with pink double blooms.

Fernleaf peony (Paeonia rubra 'Flore Pleno') is a slow grower that reaches just 18 inches or so tall. It unfurls its red double blooms early in the season at the tip of stems with fine, feathery foliage.

2 Responses to “ in search of a reblooming peony ”

  1. I am having my first luck with peonies and it is a Bowl of Beauty – bright pink with the fluffy
    yellow center. Has a nice fragrance too.

  2. I agree!!! I would buy many re-blooming peonies if the ever come to fruition!!

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