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Thursday Finds in the Test Garden

Last week I took a stroll through the BHG Test Garden and as I alluded, the colors have changed in just a sort time.

The tips of the serviceberry leaves are starting to turn their usual orange and red.

Ajuga is a great groundcover for any garden from full sun to full shade! I particularly enjoy the dark, dramatic foliage of  ’Black Scallop’ shown here.

Generally more upright in habit, the Golden Pillar barberry shows great promise this fall as its golden yellow foliage turns reddish orange.  Here’s a closer look:

This is the LAST week the Test Garden will be open! Be sure to get in while you can, speak with Sandra, the BHG Test Garden manager, and snag any snippet of garden knowledge she’s willing to share!

3 Responses to “ Thursday Finds in the Test Garden ”

  1. My serviceberry in St. Louis is also beginning to turn. I was excited to see that someone else has one! The birds ate every single berry from it this year, though. Jerks!

  2. Ha! Those dang birds! I did notice the serviceberry in the Test Garden was fruitless….I’m sure the birds had something to do with that as well.

  3. Pretty colors…love the test garden concept too!

    I am in southern California and it will be over 100 degrees here today :(
    We will have to wait a little longer for Fall to arrive :)

    Kay Ellen

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