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Sharing the Pinterest Love

Apparently Pinterest has been around now for quite some time.  I however didn’t jump on the bandwagon until recently. Not to anyone’s fault other than mine: I just wasn’t aware of it! So I’m doing you a favor by introducing you to Pinterest.

Say hello.

Pinterest is about sharing–’pinning’ to be exact. Pinning what you admire. Pinning what you’re doing. Pinning what you’re envious of. Pinning what you’re aspiring to be.

Pin anything. Well…almost anything.

Pinterest to me, is like picking up my favorite magazine filled with images of inspiration tailoring to all my facets: vintage, burlap, gardening and so much more.

Pinterest is also about sharing goodness. If you find something interesting and think the world might also find it interesting this is your platform. That’s what I love the most (other than of course the inspiring images). This closely coincides with my love for Better Homes and Gardens.

What better platform than Pinterest to share the BH&G love! Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m particularly enjoying pinning these days:

To see more of my Better Homes and Gardens favorites…check out my board. Or make a board of your own! Happy pinning!

5 Responses to “ Sharing the Pinterest Love ”

  1. I LOVE pinterest! So much inspiration! Love these pics you found!

  2. Thanks Jamielyn! Feel free to share your boards with us too!

  3. Katie, It was so nice chatting with you on Twitter today about Pinterest. It is fabulous place to “pin” organize your creative thoughts, loves, and inspirations. Have fun and I will look you up on Pinterest to follow all of your boards. ;)

  4. Nice chatting with you as well Michelle! Have a good one!

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