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Cutting back

In our April issue, we wrote about Sedum ‘Maestro’, a summer/fall blooming sedum, available through Garden Crossings, whose best attribute, as far as I’m concerned, is its sturdy stems. Seems like a funny thing to key on, but if you’ve ever seen an ‘Autumn Joy’ or ‘Ruby Glow’ flop flat on the ground in the fall, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Sedum 'Maestro'

I bring this up now because sedums are one of those plants that benefit from pinching or cutting back to help them stay more compact later in the year. Gardeners usually know this about asters and mums, but not so much with sedum. But the latter does respond well to pinching back before June. I don’t actually pinch….it’s more like shearing. In fact, that’s the easiest thing to do. Just get out your shears, and start cutting, then rake up the trimmings when you’re done. Better than one stem at a time.

It’s very effective, but why do it if you don’t have to? That’s where ‘Maestro’ comes in. Anything that lessens the work load is a good thing, right?

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