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Adventure of the Year, II

Our next leg of California Spring Trials was off to a great start. Doug and I zipped from the charming little town of Marina over to Salinas, where we visited the headquarters of American Takii Seed. They’re fantastic breeders of garden plants, including two All-America Selections winners for 2011 (Salvia ‘Summer Jewel Red’ and Kale ‘Glamour Red’). And we saw proof that the salvia is a good plant for hummingbirds — there was already a hummer in the greenhouse drinking from the salvias when we arrived at 8.30. The Takii folks promised they didn’t stage it.

A bed of colorful snapdragons added a lot of spring color at American Takii.

Our next stop was just 10 minutes away — at the show house of Sakata Seed America. They had a dazzling facility that was full of color (and ideas). Sakata is the breeder of many garden favorites, so it was like visiting old friends like Sunpatiens, Profusion zinnias, adorable Kameleo mini gerbera daisies (so cute!), and one of my favorite plants, the SuperCal line of xPetchoa (petunia crossed with calibrachoa). Plus, we had the opportunity to visit with a couple of good friends (Hi Jeanine!) and enjoy a really fantastic lunch.

Sakata set up a cute little display to give garden centers an idea of how to add a little pizzazz!

Our bellies full, we jumped in the car and headed 136 miles south to San Luis Obisbo, where Dummen USA treated us to a stellar show at Edna Valley Vineyard. There we saw a dazzling array of new plant varieties, including new colors to the huge-flowered line of Magnum New Guinea impatiens, and new colors to the Potunia series of petunia. (Look at all of the colors they have in Potunia group!) Dummen is also the breeder of Phloxy Lady phlox, and had reprinted my recent blog post on poster next to their display of new Phloxy Lady colors!

I thought this was a great way to display hanging baskets...in this case the Potunia series from Dummen.

Our last stop of the day was Greenheart Farms (over in Arroyo Grande), known for their roses. [Though it was a challenge getting there; our GPS kept asking us to turn left on roads that didn't even exist. And while cutting through someone's pasture might have been a shortcut, I didn't think the rental car agency would appreciate it very much...] One of the standouts was the Garden Treasures line of miniature roses — they’re adorable, super hardy, and flower like crazy. The folks at Greenheart told us that because of their small stature, you shouldn’t be afraid to use them in place of some of your favorite annuals as edging plants in the garden, mixed containers, etc.

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