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Little Hostas

While in Buffalo last summer for their awesome annual Garden Walk I was lucky enough to visit the lovely garden of Michael and Kathy Guest Shadrack tucked into 13 wooded acres, including a recent garden devoted to nothing but miniature hostas (those that measure six inches of less in height. As I’ve said, they’re the horticultural equivalent of a litter of Jack Russell terrier puppies. That’s Michael and me in his garden, above. At the time I was—and still am—head-over-heels for diminutive hostas as we’d just published a story in Country Gardens on mini hostas with Marsha Ansevics at her Flying Frog Hosta Farm in Indianola, Iowa. And I was excited to share my enthusiasm with Michael, who told me he had just completed a book on the subject for Timber Press. So I’m especially eager to let you know that Michael’s book, The Book of Little Hostas: 200 Small, Very Small, and Mini Varieties, has officially hit the bookstores. Look for our review of it in the Summer 2011 issue of Country Gardens (on sale May 17th).

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  1. It was a blast to have you in Buffalo last summer!

    Folks will once again be able to check out the Shadrack garden this year during the National Garden Festival – get all the dirt at http://www.nationalgardenfestival.com.

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