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Vintage Garden Accents

For years flowers have grown around a plethora of garden accents–from the gazing ball…to trellis…to statues for whatever mood fits you.

But for me I prefer highlighting my garden with vintage finds.

Small chicken feeder filled with begonia, coleus in navy blue planter

Purple fountaingrass planted in galvanized bucket, foxtail fern planted in brown pot

It’s a true extension of my interior space. And that’s what I think gardening should be about–revealing your style throughout the spaces that you enjoy the most. Take a look around your home…find what makes you the happiest, the most comfortable, and see if you can incorporate that into your own garden.

Large chicken feeder filled with geranium, sweet potato vine, fiber-optic grass, and calibrachoa

Here’s a quick glance at the chicken feeder…before the plants took over. This summer I was going with “more is better” philosophy….I might have learned my lesson.

Keg barrel with galvanized tub filled with salvia, sweet potato vine, and Wave petunias

Galvanized tub filled with fiber-optic grass, salvia, ivy geranium, and sweet potato vine,

As you may have figured out….I love weathered galvanized metal and have a chicken feeder fetish. Recently, Deborah Silver on Dirt Simple rounded up a fantastic lineup of containers that I’d love to have in my garden. There’s more to these obsessions,  but I’ll save that for another story-time. Do you have a fetish? One that you carry on into the garden? Tell me about it! I don’t want to be the only one!!

2 Responses to “ Vintage Garden Accents ”

  1. Hey, love your blog. Good job! I think you found some galvanized ‘objects’ at my shop, too. What did you end up doing with them?

    I think the planters are so pretty and just what I needed to see today…with the impending snow storm.

    I enjoy the same kind of things…mixing in a rusted farm implement or two. BUT, my favorite thing to incorporate into my yard and garden are bird houses and feeders.

  2. Thanks for the read Beth! I know you’ve got some goodies down at your shop–I’ll need to take a trip over to see how much I can come home with!

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