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One you never heard of

But probably should know about.

This little gem is called GoldDust Mecardonia. Proven Winners markets it. They sent me a sample this summer to try out and although I was less than impressed when the little plants first showed up, they made a believer out of me in short order.

It’s a mat-forming plant, tough as nails, and it’s covered in these little yellow flowers. It NEVER stopped blooming after I planted it. Heavy, thick blooms that never slowed down. This is a tender perennial, listed as hardy to 25 degrees, so that makes it even better because you can grow it in cool season pots. But it doesn’t seem to mind heat either. During wet spells, it just kept going. When I forgot to water and it went into full wilt, it snapped back as soon as I watered it. It’s really just amazing. Take a look at the container below (where it’s combined with another Proven Winners plant, Blue Mohawk Juncus). Imagine that in your pots all summer, with no letup in flowering all season. Give it a whirl next spring. You’ll like it.

One Response to “ One you never heard of ”

  1. I went crazy for this plant. It just kept getting more and more beautifu. It’s an incredibly cheerful plant and I agree, it is tough as nails (I almost killed it several times and it came bounding back like a Golden Retriever with a tennis ball. Next year it will be a staple in many of my containers.

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