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Plant of the Day: Anemone

I’ve been really busy lately, and I have to confess I’ve not spent as much time in the garden as I should have. It really took me by surprise the other day when I looked out the window and was greeted to a big burst of color from my Japanese anemones.

If you have plenty of space for it, Japanese anemone is a great pick for the fall landscape. A well-established plant produces tons of blooms that are cheery and held on tall stems that make them perfect for cutting.

Japanese anemone can be a bit of a thug, spreading rapidly, so don’t plant it next to delicate or dainty plants that could be overrun.

It does best in partial shade and moist, well-drained soil that’s rich in organic matter. It can take quite a bit of shade, though less light will mean fewer blooms.

The flowers appear in white or pink with cheery yellow centers. They last just shy of a week when cut and brought indoors for arrangements.

One Response to “ Plant of the Day: Anemone ”

  1. My favorite Anemone is Anemone sylvestris…the size/fall color are something a little different.

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