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Planting Bulbs

The days are getting shorter and temperatures are (finally!) cooling down. That means it’s time to plant spring-blooming bulbs!

Most of us are familiar with big showy ones such as tulip, daffodil, and hyacinth. But don’t overlook the littler ones.

Like the Siberian squill shown here, most of the little bulbs are great because they put on a bigger, better show every year as the bulbs multiply.

They’re perfect for adding a dose color underneath a groundcover such as lamium, barren strawberry, or vinca — don’t worry; bulbs can push their way up between the leaves.

My favorite way to use the littler bulbs, though, is to plant them in my lawn for a super dose of early spring color. (Plus, I never have to worry about accidentally digging them up when I’m adding new plants in my garden over the summer.) Most years the bulbs’ foliage begins to fade around the time I mow for the first time so I’m not really hurting them by cutting my grass.

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