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Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with the International Society of Arboriculture on a really cool program they call True Professionals.

At some point, virtually all of us need tree work done — whether it’s helping choose the right tree to plant, diagnosing a tree with problems, or pruning a large, beautiful shade tree. When you need help like that, you want to be sure you find the best person for the job — and that’s where True Professionals come in. The ISA brought in a panel of folks from the tree industry and related fields to go through applications and pick the best in the business. I was honored with being one of the judges!

The 2010 winners are:

  • Dr. Bill Fountain of Lexington, KY
  • Steve Geist of Denver, CO
  • Tanja Grmovsek of Maribor, Slovenia
  • Scott Prophett of Loganville, GA
  • Mike Robinson of Jacksonville, FL

These amazing folks are the best of the best in the world of trees and tree care and serve as great role models for other arboriculturists. Congratulations to them!

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