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Best Begonia…Ever!

Sure, I’d heard about the tuberous begonias from the world-famous English nursery Blackmore and Langdon, but I didn’t believe it until I saw them for myself in a greenhouse display during a visit last spring to White Flower Farm in Litchfield, Connecticut. The plants’ luminous colors, flower size, exquisite shapes, and long season of bloom put lesser strains to shame. Here is their upright variety ‘Sugar Candy’ in a pot on my front porch yesterday. It’s been blooming its head off for at least three months now. It’s a fine, clear pink and extremely floriferous. All they need is well-drained soil and indirect light (and no extreme temperatures). Truly. And I adore begonias of all types—wax begonias, angel-leaf, fancy-leaf varieties—ever since my 7th grade science teacher dubbed me with the unfortunate nickname Begonia. Thank goodness it didn’t stick.

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