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Check Out Our Photo Contests!

We’re used to showing off pictures of great gardens in the pages of our magazine and Web site. So it’s a real treat when you turn the tables on us and share pictures of your great gardens.

And it’s exciting right now that we have two photo contests going on right now where you can show off photos for a chance to win cash prizes!

Home: It’s Where Life Happens is a contest where we’re asking you to show off little tidbits of your life — whether it’s dining on a patio, relaxing in the back yard, or maintaining your garden. The grand prize is $5,000 and the winning photo will be published in an upcoming issue of Better Homes and GardensĀ® magazine. This photo contest runs through September 30, 2010.

We’re running the Best Blooms photo contest through the end of August, 2010, and we’re looking for you to show off the prettiest flowers in your landscape (such as this awesome shot of bougainvillea from reader sholland205). We’ll have a different winner each week in August; each winner will get $250. Best of all, you get to vote, so upload your photo this week for voting next week.

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