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What’s Your Weather Like

Rain on Asiatic Lilies

If there’s one thing any two gardeners can talk about, it’s the weather. It’s hard to think of any other single factor that’s out of our control that has such an effect on our gardens.

Unfortunately, when we chat about the weather, it rarely seems to be in our favor. When isn’t it too hot/too dry/too rainy/too cold/too windy, etc.?

The weather here in Iowa has been especially wet. Many of our dryland plants (for example, lavender, penstemon, coreopsis) are suffering because the soil isn’t getting a chance to dry out before the next big rainstorm. (Though on the plus side, I’ve only had to water my container gardens a couple of times.) Some of my plants are also looking a bit lean — the rain seems to be leaching some of the nutrients out faster than usual so I’ve had to do some fertilizing.

It’s also warming up. After a cold, rainy month of May and early June, many of the annuals I planted just sat in the ground, pathetically looking up at me for help. But now that the mercury is rising, they’re taking off. My petunias have lots of beautiful blooms, my zinnias are adding a dose of cheer to my parking strip, and the sweet pototo vines are filling in like nobody’s business.

So what’s it like in your garden? What weather challenges have you been experiencing? Share them here!

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