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A Field Guide to Fields

New garden books come across my desk almost every single day. There’s one, in particular, that I can’t seem to put down. It’s called The Field Guide to Fields: Hidden Treasures of Meadows, Prairies, and Pastures (National Geographic; $21.95) by Bill Laws, and I find it charmingly distinctive in style. In the tradition of authoritative nature guides, this fine little book celebrates fields—our rural treasures—and paints a vivid picture of the many roles they have played in natural and human history. “From pasture to paddy, from cornfield to cotton field, and from vineyard to hop yard—fields are full of life…. They create both a barrier and a link between the true wilderness and where we live,” writes the author. I especially like the vibrant woodcut-style illustrations evoking meadows, prairies, and pastures throughout the seasons. Definitely worth some space on your bedside table.

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