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Meadowsweet Rocks

Filipendula rubra 'Venusa'Meadowsweet (aka queen of the prairie, or in Latin, Filipendula rubra ‘Venusta’) has long been one of my favorite perennials.

This beauty features fluffy flowers that look like cotton candy in June and early July. It’s great for attracting butterflies, too! And it’s native to North America.

The foliage has a fun texture — the leaves are divided and toothed, so even when meadowsweet isn’t in bloom it looks great.

I took this picture in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden® this morning — you might be able to get a sense of size if you look at the arborvitae in the background; this meadowsweet can grow to 6 feet tall!

It grows best in full sun or light shade and moist soil. It’s handled drought okay in my yard, but performs best when kept moist. Like many perennials, meadowsweet forms a clump as it matures, so it’s easy to divide and share with friends or create more summertime pink exclamation points in your yard.

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