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Guerrilla Gardening

I just read a news story that made me feel really good, despite all the crumminess that seems to be going on in the world (oil spills, floods, etc.).

In Chicago, a group of folks came in overnight and planted a vacant lot with flowers. The group calls themselves guerrilla gardeners and they’ve basically called a war on ugliness.

Happily, guerrilla gardening seems to be a growing trend. In fact, there’s even a Web site devoted to it that includes tips on how to get started.

The Chicago guerrilla gardeners have inspired me to want to beautify my neighborhood — not just my backyard. I’ve already started a bit by putting a rose garden in a park across the street from my house (with permission from my city’s Park and Rec department, of course). But I think I just might give them a call this afternoon and talk to them about adding to it…

How about you? What do you think of the idea of guerrilla gardening?

2 Responses to “ Guerrilla Gardening ”

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  2. I think that’s a wonderful idea. I also like the cone flower picture in your post. I just planted several exactly like those and love them. I hope to have even more next year.

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