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Feeling Bleu

Just a quick plant promo. This is Marie Bleu ceanothus. West Coasters know this genus well, but east of the Rockies, ceanothus is a little more obscure, mainly because most garden varieties are not so hardy. Marie Bleu is from Spring Meadow nursery, and they list it as hardy to Zone 6, possibly 5.

We had tons of snow cover this year, and buried beneath was this Marie Bleu. It came back beautifully, and you can see what a cool little plant it is. I’m not so sure it would have made it without the snow cover, given our season low temp of -19. (Nearly Zone 4!)  But anyone in Zone 6, or maybe the warmest part of Zone 5 should give it a try. There’s nothing quite like the blue of a ceanothus in bloom.

Marie Bleu ceanothus

One Response to “ Feeling Bleu ”

  1. Ooooh…who doesn’t love blue like that?! I’m in zone 5b, but I’ve not seen this locally. We had a mild winter this last year, with only two days below zero and lots of snow cover, so it likely would have survived, but the winter wasn’t typical. I do like to push the limits, though!

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