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Grow Great Foliage

Last autumn I planted some spring-bulb combinations that I thought would be stunning. But because of our relatively weird spring weather, the bulbs didn’t bloom together. (Hopefully next year!)

But that’s a great lesson: You can’t always count on flowers to give you the show you want. Happily, though, you can rely on foliage.

Look for plants with great leaves to give your yard spring-to-fall beauty. Coral bells are among the finest foliage plants. Thanks to plant breeders, you can get coral bells in shades of chartreuse, coral, peach, tan, purple, and even nearly black.

Try them together or add more interest by mixing in other types of leaf textures. For example, a purple coral bells like Dolce Blackcurrant would look amazing with Japanese painted fern, brunnera, and Burgundy Glow ajuga. And best of all, they’ll look as great in early spring together as they do in early fall.

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