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New Pansy Stamp

The new Love: Pansies in a Basket postage stamp was dedicated today at  the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City. Featuring a white woven basket brimming with purple pansies and the word “Love,” the Postal Service’s 2010 44-cent love stamp design is a detail from a Hallmark card (also based in Kansas City) that was first issued as a Mother’s Day card in 1939. “The very name of the flower—pansy—comes from the French word ‘pensée,’ which means thought,” says Stephen Kearny, senior vice president for Customer Relations. “This museum serves as a place of remembrance, and it is fitting that we should gather here to celebrate the issuance of a stamp with the image of flowers that have long been recognized as symbols of remembrance.” Just wanted to give you a heads-up to visit to your local post office to buy them before they disappear.

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