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Serena White Angelonia

Serena White Angelonia

I’m fresh back from a business trip to California where I had the pleasure in participating in the California Spring Trials. Plant breeders from around the world show off their hot new plants along the California coast.

It’s an amazing experience to get a sneak peek at what’s new (they’re showing off their 2011 plants so garden centers can decide what plants to carry next year). More on these new plants in future blog posts.

Another thing that was nice about the trials is that many companies also showed off their best sellers, such as  Serena White angelonia, shown here. It’s a wonderfully versatile plant, holding up to heat and drought like a champ. It combines beautifully with just about everything, including the Wave series of petunias. (I grew it last year with the new-for-2010 Easy Wave Burgundy Star and Snow Princess sweet alyssum. It was magical in my window boxes!)

What are some of your favorite “old standby” plants for the garden??

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