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Polar Joy to the World!

Cold-climate rose fans, take heart. Bailey Nurseries has a welcome surprise for you: an ever-blooming tree rose that can stand up to harsh winters in Zones 4 and 5.

First Editions Polar Joy is the newest innovation to come from Bailey’s award-winning rose breeding program and was developed specifically for Northern gardeners. “We’ve tested these roses through three Minnesota winters and they perform beautifully year after year,” says Pat Bailey, VP of sales and marketing for Bailey. “They’re as easy to grow as any other tree or shrub.”

Polar Joy offers soft pink blossoms all summer long atop a 3–6-foot stems. It can be used as a vertical accent among low-growing companions, and it is adaptable to being planted in the ground or in a container.

Jonathan Pedersen, marketing manager for Bailey, says upright plants such as Polar Joy are a sign of things to come. “As landscape space in a typical homeowner’s yard decreases, you’re going to see more and more vertical plants coming to market,” he says.

One Response to “ Polar Joy to the World! ”

  1. Hey Luke – I happen to have a three-year old Polar Joy rose standard and I love it. It grows quite quickly and in full-bloom is a big ball o’ pink. It lasts splendidly over the winter. It is planted dead center in my vegetable potager, surrounded by miniature boxwoods and a knee-high dwarf apple espalier “fence.” I do agree that for limited-space gardens, like my small urban garden, it is ideal.

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