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What’s Hot? Mandevilla!

sStreamAssetContentI have a feeling, based on casual conversations I’ve had with friends (as well as from the questions we’ve been getting in our Garden Doctor application) that mandevilla is going to be one of the hot plants this year.

And for good reason! It sports gorgeous red, pink, or white flowers (look for Sun Parasol Stars and Stripes, which features red blooms streaked in white); it blooms well even in the hottest summer weather; it’s not invasive like some vines; and if you have a bright enough spot inside, you can treat it like a foliage houseplant for winter, then bring it outside again next spring.

Our friends at Costa Farms in Florida are excited about mandevilla, too! They’re so excited they even made a cool event out of the spring shipping season! See a fun video of it here.

One Response to “ What’s Hot? Mandevilla! ”

  1. We inherited several plants from the previous owners here in Houston, TX. Every other plant has sprouted something by now, but the bougavillias still look dormant (dead?). How can we tell that they are still alive and kicking?

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