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Pick of the Crop: Spring, season of joy and tears

What happens when you unplug the birdbath too soon.

What happens when you unplug the birdbath too soon.

The photo at left is the result of my pushing the season – trying to make it be spring in Iowa before it was really ready to be. I may have unplugged the heated birdbath one day too early.

Also pushing the season is my good friend The Planting Queen. And although she’s talking about going naked in the garden, it’s got nothing to do about the “topless in the garden” debate going on in Colorado. (Google it if you want to know more. I got 617,000 results for “Colorado topless gardening”) I’ve been trying to avoid the topic, but Deb’s blog forced me into talking about it. Honest.

The birds in my yard didn’t have to wait long for the birdbath to thaw today, so they didn’t suffer too much. But the BBC says the cold winter was very hard on songbirds in the UK.

USA Today is ready for spring, too.

But the Irish Times carries a humorous column (at least it think she was being funny) about too much blue-sky thinking about gardening. Just keep in mind that she’s right about some gardening projects ending in tears.

And then there’s that big seasonal to-do at Macy’s that lets us know that the season of joy is once again upon us. No, not the Thanksgiving Day parade.

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