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pick of the crop: gardening is fun

Are gnomes an invasive species?

Are gnomes an invasive species?

See, extension folks do have a sense of humor.

But this item is not funny at all. I agree with UK gardener Henrietta Hudson that the plant thieves who have repeatedly targeted her garden are “sick in the head.”

This comes under my category of ‘places you didn’t expect to find garden stories.’ But the JewishJournal.com has a very thoughtful way of using your garden to connect to your religion.

I do expect to find this kind of helpful garden article in the Christian Science Monitor because I do every week. Enjoy.

The Geffrye Museum in London uses its art collection to examine the role of plants and flowers in the home over the past 400 years or so. And here’s a link to a slide show of selected works in the exhibition.

I admire people who stand up in public and admit they made a mistake in the garden. It’s OK to make mistakes when you’re gardening. I once said, and still believe, that you’re not a real gardener until you’ve killed 100 plants. Or 1,000. Or 1,000,000. Just garden.

Debra Lee Baldwin reflects, ahem, on gardening and April Fools jokes.

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