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Tough Name, Even Tougher Plant

IMGP1726Ladies and Gents, introducing ‘Rainbow’ Leucothoe. Also known as drooping Leucothoe, drooping fetterbush, or just plain “that pretty plant over there.”

The photo to the left was taken last fall, before the Leucothoe was buried under snow for 3 or 4 months. The photo below was taken yesterday. Not much difference, other than camera lighting!

IMGP1876‘Rainbow’ Leucothoe is a shade-tolerant shrub for moist conditions (although mine is doing fine in a bed of normal moisture). It’s also said to be deer-resistant. I don’t have deer, but I do have plenty of rabbits, and they didn’t touch this plant. It’s normally a green and white variegated plant, but it assumes this pretty burgundy color in fall and keeps assuming right till spring.

It’s hardy from Zones 5-9, and grows 3 to 5 feet tall with a drooping habit. That’s why I planted mine at the top of a stone wall, so it can hang down. For more on this plant (and to see what it looks like in summer), click here.

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