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pick of the crop: spanning the globe

Citrus need special care after a freeze.

Citrus need special care after a freeze.

Sometimes I forget what a narrow view most of us have of gardening. Gardeners are for the most part focused on our own little patch of ground, and we sometimes lose sight of the fact that the gardening world is as big as the globe itself. So here’s today’s roundup from England to Canada, the Pacific Northwest to Florida and Louisiana.

Take a stroll through the garden of the founder of the English Gardening School.

Dieticians north of the border are encouraging Canadians to celebrate food from field to table.

Bad economic times spur many people to grow their own fruits and veggies.

It’s time to start weeding and planting in the UK, or so says the Guardian. Maybe I’m glad we’ve headed off weeding for a while with a late blast of winter.

Houma Today reminds gardeners down South to take proper steps to protect citrus trees after recent freezing cold.

The Spokesman-Review reminds us that the gardener needs TLC to get in shape for spring just as much as the garden.

The Rutland Herald asks: Gardens sprout bouquets and salads, but can they also seed inner peace?

And finally, for all of you who think that we never give Florida gardening a second thought, the Miami Herald tells Zone 10 gardeners “things are different here.”

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