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Get New Shrubs for Free

GI SP 2010-2Our newest issue of Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living hit the newsstand March 16 (I argued for St. Patrick’s Day, but there apparently wasn’t enough green on the cover!).

One of the articles that is sure to pique readers’ interest is 25 Secrets Every Gardener Should Know. Here is one tip from the story:

100860291Get new shrubs for free. Take 6-inch cuttings from easy-to-root plants, such as willow, poplar, privet, rose, redtwig dogwood, ivy, forsythia, arborvitae and creeping juniper. Dip the cut end into a rooting hormone (found at garden centers) and push it into a pot of moist potting mix. Cover with a plastic bag punched with holes that allow the plant to breathe. Place the container in an area where it receives light but no direct sun. Keep the soil moist but not drenched. Plants should root in about 6 weeks, after which time you can gradually acclimate them to the outdoors. Part shade is preferred till plants fully establish their roots several months from now.

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