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Darn rodents!

The snow finally melted off enough to let me back into my garden and do some cleaning up. It’s always interesting when you get back out into the yard for the first time in spring, and see what mayhem occurred during the previous months. It can be kind of disgusting, actually. Rabbit droppings galore, dead birds, trash that blew into your flowerbeds. I noticed one thing this year that I haven’t seen before. I found a couple of nests (I guess) with piles of what used to be my prized lily bulbs.  I could plainly see where some critter had dug down to get at the bulbs, then removed the bulb scales to these piles. Rabbits are my biggest pest problem, but I dont’ think this was a rabbit. We had lots of snow this year, and I think something else (a vole, maybe?) was at work underneath the drifts. Hopefully this will stop now that the snow is gone!lily rodent

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