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the pick of the crop: non-traditional media sweep

Remember to start seeds early

Remember to start seeds early

Spring: the season when non-traditional gardening media discover our favorite pastime. Some examples.

The CBC in Canada says anyone who has a balcony can create a space to grow tasty vegetables.

MSN Money caught my eye with this headline: Windowsill veggies worth $200?

Powells.com (the website of a fabulous, quirky bookstore in Portland, Ore.) reviews Geoff Hamilton’s book on organic gardening.

OK, so the Christian Science Monitor does a fine job of covering gardening almost year-round. Here’s an example. A story on a blizzard of snowdrops.

The News Tribune in Tacoma, Wash., checks in with a story on how to use newspaper to create a garden spot.

The ABC News site’s entertainment page carries a story from The Associated Press about leeks.

The Epoch Times carries a top ten gardening trends story from Canadian garden writer Mark Cullen. The short version: chemicals are out and creative small space gardening is in.

And finally, the Hamptons.com urges everyone to celebrate Earth Day this year by planting a veggie garden.

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